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The development of the OMS, for Order Management System, responds to the profound changes facing retailers today, which are materialized by new precise needs of consumers. The boundaries between physical and online stores are becoming increasingly blurred, and customers now want to have access to multiple solutions for payment, delivery, product returns, and procurement. In the face of these upheavals, it is imperative to use efficient order management systems that can offer a quality customer experience, while ensuring an effective link between the various processes such as inventory management, logistics, CRM or delivery. [Read More]

As the name suggests, data driven means "driven by data", which applies to retail companies as well as to other sectors in a similar way. This recent method of understanding both the strategy and the management of a company's processes makes sense with the emergence of advanced software and services for data collection. The right analysis and the intelligent interpretation of the collected data will allow to make the right choices for the customers, but also to optimize the organization and the costs of a company. [Read More]

Among the most significant developments in recent months are certain upheavals in retail, which are gradually becoming the norm, such as in-store pick-up and drive-through habits. Faced with the closure of physical stores, retailers are multiplying their ingenuity to adapt to the situation, and take advantage of the opportunities offered to offer a new vision of shopping. By combining the comfort of the digital experience with the convenience of an in-store shopping session, live shopping offers a revolution for both customers and retailers. [Read More]

The omnichannel strategy is the logical mutation of multichannel and cross-channel, resulting from the evolution of consumer behavior, who now navigate between online sites, physical stores, pick-up and multiple delivery and return methods. Omnichannel has become a necessity for retailers in order to respond to customer demand, who want to buy from where they want, when they want, using different distribution and communication channels. [Read More]

The growth of digital in shopping behavior, linked to the explosion of e-commerce, has pushed retailers to innovate in the experience to be offered in store. Faced with the multiplication of innovative online tools to facilitate the conversion process on websites, physical stores must reinvent themselves to attract customers and offer them an equally fluid experience. Phygital was born from this desire to bring the best digital tools to physical stores, to improve the customer experience and boost direct sales. [Read More]

The emergence of new consumption patterns has led to innovative ways of understanding the act and path of purchase for retail brands for several years. The increasing digitalization gives the opportunity to process a large flow of data, which allows to improve logistic issues or the customer experience. This is where Data Mining comes in, representing an advanced analysis of this data with the aim of extracting relevant models, to optimize the organization of this data, both in the management of product supplies and in the implementation of innovative sales paths. [Read More]

Within the framework of a brand's digital presence, the content offered by the company, through its multiple channels, is to be differentiated from the content directly brought by the user, or the customer. User Generated Content is a term used to describe any type of content in its various forms, created by the customer during a visit to a brand's online site or via its social networks. A key element in a brand's image, and at the same time one of the most relevant tools in a purely marketing approach, UGC is a central issue for any retail brand today, at a time when content is king. [Read More]


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