The Top 100 most popular E-commerce sites in the French market

The E-Commerce reached a turnover of 112 billion euros in 2020, benefiting from an increase of 8.5% compared to the previous year. This constant evolution of online sales on the French market allows industry giants to impose themselves on consumers who are more and more keen on this mode of purchase.

In an approach of information, E-Commerce Nation proposes its Top 100 E-Commerce on the French market, providing an optimal vision of the industry by analyzing the most buoyant sectors as well as by identifying the most popular stores.

This ranking has been established in partnership with SimilarWeb providing the raw data, and is based on the monthly traffic generated by the present players.


This ranking allowed us to identify a particular popularity in several sectors, starting with the fashion sector, taking into account clothing, shoes and accessories.

Between the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021, this industry shows a 1% increase in popularity in our ranking. This is mainly due to the digitalization of brands, which are increasingly offering their products online and developing innovative omnichannel strategies.

The second most represented sector in this ranking is the general E-commerce, notably represented by the marketplaces. These marketplaces are particularly popular on the French market, offering convenience and ease of consumption to consumers. They represent 18% of the total ranking, but 50% of the Top 10 most visited E-commerce sites in France.

Finally, the third most present sector in the Top 100 is the home / DIY / garden sector. This increase in popularity is influenced in particular by health restrictions, especially confinements, leading to a general need for "home wellness". In addition, this sector includes products related to consumers' hobbies, such as gardening or DIY, which also grew significantly during 2020.

Effective acquisition channels

The majority of the sites present in the ranking generate a large amount of organic traffic, coming from search engines. SEO represents 50% of the total acquisition of the sites represented in this Top 100, thus requiring the implementation of a constant optimization of the published content, such as product sheets or articles, to name a few.

The second most used acquisition channel by the e-commerce sites present in the ranking is the "direct" channel. This channel represents the fact of accessing a site by directly typing the URL in the search bar. This means that the site is very popular with its visitors, and that they access it naturally, either by typing the URL or by integrating it in the browser's favorites bar.


The development of E-Commerce

E-Commerce Nation analyzes the development of online sales on its media, and provides axes of development and solutions to professionals in this field. Adapted solutions are regularly presented through various contents such as articles, infographics, webinars, eBooks, ...

In addition to its media, E-Commerce Nation develops its training center accessible online and 100% financeable. The objective of the latter is to provide the keys to success to the next generation of E-merchants through its modules covering each of the themes and issues related to online sales.


Nicolas J. Chevalier
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