Tech For Retail - EXHIBITORS 2023


Stand A07
Rayonnance, leader in mobility, digitalization and omnichannelity since 2002, offers complete digital solutions (software and hardware) for sales and logistics teams.

Rayonnance works with more than 70 retailers (L'Oréal, Petit Bateau, ID Kids, Leroy Merlin, Dior, Intermarché...).

Rayonnance develops :

- Mobile solutions for Front Office vendors (Clienteling, mobile cash register...).
- Mobile solutions sellers Back Office of stock management (Reception, Inventory...)
- Omnichannel solutions (Click & Collect, Ship From Store...).

These applications integrate seamlessly with the company's information system (ERP, POS, OMS, WMS, e-commerce site).

Rayonnance also provides and manages mobile device vendors such as Zebra.